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     All entertainment contents are produced by Phoenix media.
     world distribution agent: k4media.


WEB Contents
All visual contents of our website are produced by our own production team.  


  Original Contents
All original edited and/or unedited footages can be purchased with license. 
Please contact us for contents list. 
  Footage Preview
Our WEB contents are Flash movies of "standard" quality, re-edited short footages and only for a promotional purpose and not for judging movie quality. 
  Original contents format
Our original contents formats are DVCAM /HDV /HDCAM PAL/NTSC.


Any kind of publishing or reuse of our web contents without our permission is strictly forbidden

We produce contents based on your concept for CM/Promotion/TV/DVD

* CM

* Documentary Film/Photos

* Entertainment Film/Photos
* Underwater Film/Photos


  Exclusive models list
Natural Beauties models  
Fancy models